Financing Battery Systems, Part II

Tackling battery system commercialization I published a short post on LinkedIn about a structural challenge in renewable energy, specifically energy storage. In summary, advanced energy storage has been in development for decades now, yet we are still seeing non-economic deals and demonstration projects. I’ve written before about the information asymmetry in this industry and while […]

Why battery system cyber-physical security matters

Battery system cyber-physical security matters Energy storage has been held up as a panacea for renewable energy and grid modernization woes. There is a widely held belief that the challenges with energy infrastructure and grid modernization disappear with the availability of affordable energy storage. Battery systems are the front-runners in the grid-scale energy storage race. […]

US Commercial Service conference logo for Discover Global Markets: Sustainable Solutions

Energy storage and project finance presentation

Energy storage and project finance in Africa and the US Last month, I participated on a panel discussing the financing of cleantech deployments in Africa at the heavily attended US Commercial Service’s Discover Global Markets: Sustainable Solutions conference. There were a number of points of connection from my presentation (PDF) that the audience shared with […]