Energy revenue impacts of Battery State of Charge (SOC)

SOC, or State of Charge, of a battery system is a perpetually hot topic among technologists. The relevance of the SOC technology discussion is easy to understand in the automotive context, as it represents a fuel gauge that primarily is the concern of the end-user. For infrastructure, a battery is always “full”, regardless of the SOC, because there is value created both when discharging and charging the battery. Instead, the impacts of this important technology decision are split between revenues, cost of service, and maintenance costs which affect multiple stakeholders of a project. On the energy axis, it is important to focus on SOC as it relates to the battery system’s capacity to move energy in order to effect cash flows.

This chart illustrates the impacts of SOC technology implementation to developing a revenue model based on energy sales for a proposed infrastructure project:

(click the image for a clearer view of the chart)

The revenue impacts of a battery system's state-of-charge technology.
The impacts of battery state-of-charge implementation to energy revenue modeling.


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