Hierarchy of Battery System Design

Level 2 Battery System (Hierarchy of Battery System Design 2.0)

Battery Management Systems (and the Insurance Industry) Interested in understanding battery system project risk and how to assess it? Please join me in Las Vegas on December 7th for a 4-hour, PDH-eligible course at 2015 Renewable Energy World. I recently revised the Hierarchy of Battery System Design. This short series explores each level through one […]

[Presentation] What is a battery system?

Information about energy storage systems is a popular topic which is why I’ve devoted the month of April to getting back to basics. A few weeks ago I attended the RSA Conference so, in the interest of time, I turned a previous post discussing a few key concepts defining battery systems into a slide deck. […]

Title: What is a battery system?

What is a battery system?

Battery system basics Establishing a common terminology and a few key concepts about battery systems will be useful to the ongoing discussions of performance, security, risk, and design. To facilitate that, I explain two diagrams showing the elements of a battery system and a simple battery system architecture. Send to Kindle

Two Types of Grid-Scale Battery Systems

Two Types of Grid-scale Battery Systems

Battery System Classification Grid-scale battery systems can be broadly classified into two types: AC-side and DC-side battery systems. Addressing project needs for a particular battery system design, its performance and risk, and the associated techno-economic models which can be built comes down to examining their differences. Let’s settle on some basic concepts first by using […]

Why battery system cyber-physical security matters

Battery system cyber-physical security matters Energy storage has been held up as a panacea for renewable energy and grid modernization woes. There is a widely held belief that the challenges with energy infrastructure and grid modernization disappear with the availability of affordable energy storage. Battery systems are the front-runners in the grid-scale energy storage race. […]

The importance of project finance to energy storage

(You can also read The Relevance of Energy Storage to Project Finance.) When it comes to energy storage, and especially battery system design, it is important to understand the influence upon design and engineering by the world of project finance. Three top areas are understanding risk, design for manufacturing, and market access. Send to Kindle

Calling out the BS in Battery Systems

Seriously, let’s drop the bull Hi, welcome to Electroferocious, a blog dedicated to calling out the bullshit in the battery system industry, in the hopes that a transparent community dialog can raise the bar and deliver bankable energy storage solutions. If you love project finance, renewable energy, battery systems, or all of the above, welcome! […]