Calling out the BS in Battery Systems

Calling out the BS in Battery Systems

Seriously, let’s drop the bull

Hi, welcome to Electroferocious, a blog dedicated to calling out the bullshit in the battery system industry, in the hopes that a transparent community dialog can raise the bar and deliver bankable energy storage solutions. If you love project finance, renewable energy, battery systems, or all of the above, welcome! I hope you enjoy the blog.

Full disclosure: I am a battery developer. I come to the field with a background in IT consulting (including cybersecurity and disaster planning), bioinformatics, and geobiology. So, I’m a systems scientist who was paid to predict, avoid, and solve problems, or deal with their aftermath.

What this blog is

Everyone is a learner What this implies is that people (and companies, see below) will make mistakes. Learning happens best when you try, fail, then finally master new knowledge. Let’s grant all comers to our industry the right to learn. Lack of respect in the comments will lead to that comment being deleted.

Constructive dialog Yes to constructive input, critique, and sharing of working approaches. Consider the value of not only pointing out a shortcoming, but also offering a way out of the problem. Always keep in mind that there are often multiple ways to solve a problem and be respectful of approaches which differ from those that you are familiar with.

High signal-to-noise Think before you write. Be concise, direct, and informative. Don’t assume, explain clearly. Guest blog writers, I will deeply appreciate you for adherence to this last point.

What this blog is not

A forum to bash brands Everyone is a learner, remember? Brands are not what this blog is about. Each company has monetary value associated with their brand and this blog is about creating bankable battery systems in a maturing industry that enhance brand value because they offer solutions to market needs.

A venue for shameless self-promotion It is okay to talk about shareable approaches used by your company. Unfortunately, most self-promotion in comments is consistently low signal-to-noise. Comments of this nature will be erased. Play nice, use your company blog for such activities. Or don’t. Providing real value here or on your company blog is to be preferred.

Disclaimer: I’m me, not my closely held corporation. Unlike The Lorax, on this blog, I speak only for myself.

Join me on Wednesday mornings (0600 GMT) for the latest BS deconstructions, explainers, and tasty problem solving in the energy storage space.

Do you have a pet peeve when it comes to battery systems? Let me know in the comments.

(image credit: CC-BY-SA-3.0-de Wikimedia:Lapplaender “Knossos-6”)

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