Why battery system cyber-physical security matters

Battery system cyber-physical security matters Energy storage has been held up as a panacea for renewable energy and grid modernization woes. There is a widely held belief that the challenges with energy infrastructure and grid modernization disappear with the availability of affordable energy storage. Battery systems are the front-runners in the grid-scale energy storage race. […]

A break, a book, a CyberSummer

The long break over Fall and Winter 2014 is finally over!¬† It was filled with coursework, project development, and book development. Yes, a book will be coming soon on the topic of cyber-physical security and battery system design. I’ll be sure to post more about it when the book page launches in April. As part […]

US Commercial Service conference logo for Discover Global Markets: Sustainable Solutions

Energy storage and project finance presentation

Energy storage and project finance in Africa and the US Last month, I participated on a panel discussing the financing of cleantech deployments in Africa at the heavily attended US Commercial Service’s Discover Global Markets: Sustainable Solutions conference. There were a number of points of connection from my presentation (PDF) that the audience shared with […]

Revenues from power and battery state of charge

Last time, we considered the impact of battery SOC (state of charge) technology on the ability to provide reliable and actionable data for modeling future¬†energy revenues from a battery system. On the power axis, the same revenue and risk concerns must be considered. While there are cost impacts for both as well, those topics will […]

Energy revenue impacts of Battery State of Charge (SOC)

SOC, or State of Charge, of a battery system is a perpetually hot topic among technologists. The relevance of the SOC technology discussion is easy to understand in the automotive context, as it represents a fuel gauge that primarily is the concern of the end-user. For infrastructure, a battery is always “full”, regardless of the […]

Battery System Risk Management: Power, Efficiency, and Revenue

Battery technology risk Technology risk for energy storage projects is managed best by energy storage developers. There are also aspects of design and planning risk which should appropriately be allocated to us. We hold the necessary information and capability to ensure appropriate engineering and design, construction, commissioning, and operations & maintenance of our technologies. The […]

Beyond Affordable Energy Storage – Power Electronics

There is much talk about bringing down the cost of battery systems. Less talked about are the other design factors impacting bankability of an energy storage project. Take power electronics as an important example. What is often forgotten is that battery systems require power electronics to integrate with existing technologies, they each require warranties compatible […]

The importance of project finance to energy storage

(You can also read The Relevance of Energy Storage to Project Finance.) When it comes to energy storage, and especially battery system design, it is important to understand the influence upon design and engineering by the world of project finance. Three top areas are understanding risk, design for manufacturing, and market access. Send to Kindle

Calling out the BS in Battery Systems

Seriously, let’s drop the bull Hi, welcome to Electroferocious, a blog dedicated to calling out the bullshit in the battery system industry, in the hopes that a transparent community dialog can raise the bar and deliver bankable energy storage solutions. If you love project finance, renewable energy, battery systems, or all of the above, welcome! […]